Maximum Efficiency Architecture

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Maximum Efficiency Architecture

A service platform to run multiple relational databases in the most cost-efficient way possible, within required business and operational service levels and requirements.

MEA Characteristics

MEA is built upon the cloud computing paradigm.

Key characteristics of Maximum Efficiency Architecture:

  • Total isolation between services/workloads (databases, database instances) and infrastructure hardware
  • Dynamic data mobility (workloads must be able to move freely between infrastructure resources without interruption)
  • Lean and mean (only deploy hardware and software that is absolutely needed and/or provides business benefits that outweigh the cost)
  • Replace aging hardware when it makes sense. This may be sooner or later than when the hardware is depreciated
  • Rock Solid Infrastructure (think of high availability, scalability, reliability, performance, data integrity, security, disaster tolerance)
  • Avoids vendor or technology lock-in wherever possible
  • Use of best-of-breed, commercial off-the-shelf products where possible. Avoid specialized, single purpose hardware
  • Use of commonly accepted, standardized building blocks, components and best practices that most other customers are also using. Avoid obscure, exotic pieces of (software) technology that few others use
  • Provide a foundation for “database-as-a-service” service models