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Welcome to the Dirty Cache Wiki - A knowledgebase about all things Oracle on efficient infrastructure.

Stay tuned for more content!

Looking for info on DBCollect error messages? See DBC:Errors


The Dirty Cache Wiki is a set of articles on running Oracle on efficient infrastructure. The articles may relate to performance, best practices, strategy, licensing and other focus areas. The goal is to be as factual as possible but working for DellEMC, be aware that the articles may be biased towards our own products and offerings. I recommend to always base your opinion on as many valid sources available but always keep an eye out for FUD, Markitecture and "religious" opinions.

Articles may be updated Wiki-style based on better content, new information or technology innovations. Most of the content focuses on Linux (RHEL and derivatives) as Operating System.

If you want to contribute, let me know so I can set up a Wiki account.

-- Bart Sjerps

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